Siavash Namehshiri

Musician and Soundartist

Co-Creation Sonosynthesis_Noise#1(2023)

Nelson Irsapoull√© is a captivating Multifaceted artist, musician, performer, activist who emerged from the underground experimental scene in Geneva, a.k.a. Fu* a.k.a Nelson Landwerh a.k.a Nelson El Exotico. Nelson is closely connected to the queer and BIPoC communities that I frequent, and over the years, I have always appreciated Nelson’s artistic works. Nelson has an incredible quiet strength in his work. We had never had the opportunity to collaborate before and this was a perfect opportunity.

Akram Hajj cuts an imposing figure as the drummer of the Lebanese Post-Rock band Kinematik. My personal connection with Akram goes back to 2020 when he was on tour, and we had the wonderful opportunity to play an improvised set together. Akram’s drumming and community sensing inspired me during our first improvisation, and it became clear that we would have more chances to collaborate and share creative spaces in the future.

Instrumentation :

Nelson Irsapoullé: Kaoss pads, sensors and voice.

Akram Hajj: Electronics (pedals, moving vibrating objects, transducers), orchestral drum and other metallic percussion objects.

Siavash Namehshiri: Modular synthesizer effect rack, vinyl player for non-audible metallic and plastic discs, contact mic for voice.