Siavash Namehshiri

Musician and Soundartist

Co-Creators Sonosynthesis_Noise#4

tracy september is a South African musician, performer, researcher and DJ. With influences of jazz, traditional Xhosa singing and electronic experimentation. With a voice that dances like poetry on the breeze. She is currently based in Zurich and has been a strong supporter and empowering force in my musical journey in recent years. Her influence and guidance have played a significant role in shaping my music and my perspective. tracy’s Resonant Noise holds a crucial position in the art and BIPoC community in Zurich working around themes of memory, spirit and protest. Since 2018, we launched a music project together called “Black Pitch,” and since then, we have shared numerous communal, musical, friendship, and performative moments that have enriched our communal and artistic relations.

Aio Frei is a non-binary sound artist, relational listener, sonic community organizer, collaborator, sonic researcher, OOR record store co-operator, graphic designer and experimental dj. For me personally, OOR Saloon was the first white place in Zurich that practiced inclusivity without seeking fake diversity labels. My first fixed media piece, “Dengê Dayîka min,” was created for the 2nd anniversary of OOR. This was my first connection with Aio and OOR. Over the years, I have had multiple collaborations with Aio and their inclusion of my acoustic expression has had an impact on my artistic practice in creating legitimate spaces in The Margins.


Yasmine Elbaramawy : Oud, FX and modulation, drum machine , vocals and samples

Nicole Rivera: Kaoss pad, contact mics, visuals and body movements

Siavash Namehshiri: Dahol feedback network with transducer, contact mic and modular synthesizer