Siavash Namehshiri

Musician and Soundartist

Co-Creators Sonosynthesis Noise#3 (2023)

Nadia Daou aka NÂR is an inspiring Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and singer based in Beirut. We met in 2017 at a festival in Zürich. Since then, I have had other moments of collaboration with her.she works with various instruments, her voice and different objects she finds. Abrasive, hypnotic, NÂR’s lives are sonic experiments and improvisations built up from A to Z, often led by short sentences on repeat like mantras.

LEGION SEVEN is a Jamaican-Canadian artist whose work is an erratic vehicle on a splendid path. Their projects emerge in bodies as diverse as the imagination; consistent only in a refractive departure from the literal cult rigidity into which Seven was born. Their voice resonates far beyond my wildest imagination of warmness. I have known Seven for many years since the time they lived in Basel. Throughout these years, we have followed each other’s work and shared moments in music and relationships, but we have never had an opportunity to work together musically. This opportunity was a charming source of energy and motivation for me.


Nadia Daou : Mic, Objects, Voice, effects and looping

LEGION SEVEN: Voice, Sampler and Looper

Siavash Namehshiri: modular synth , Voice

Shared Instrument : Bucket with water, hydrophone, percussive materials

Sound Examples, Recorded of the Sharing :